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PACE Central - The easy way to sell and distribute codes
License Codes - A virtual inventory system. Using secure and simple tools, publishers can create License Codes: virtual coupons redeemable for product licenses. PACE Central allows publishers to track when and how these codes have been redeemed (and by whom).

Our customers have asked us to provide an affordable and easy way to distribute licenses. PACE Central provides many ways to do this, but here we've provided two examples of how to use online stores to distribute License Codes: E-junkie and Modular Merchant.

You can easily integrate with several kinds of shopping cart that will automate the license and trial distribution process. If you're already distributing licenses online, you can use PACE License Codes just like any other code.

Our Demo store uses E-Junkie. E-junkie is just one way to distribute license codes, but it demonstrates an easy and inexpensive way to set up an online license code store.

We set up this E-junkie store in about 15 minutes, and used License Codes generated from PACE Central.Try Store Demo

Learn More - E-Junkie and Modular Merchant

E-junkie is a web-based e-commerce system that allows you to sell downloadable goods using Paypal, Google Checkout,, and more. It's quick and easy to upload a list of License Codes to the E-junkie site, and the shopping cart system will distribute the licenses from your uploaded list. This is best suited to companies who already have a website, and want to easily integrate a shopping cart.

Read the E-Junkie setup guide

To get started:
  • You'll need a basic website online
  • Get an E-junkie account (for as little as $5 per month.)
  • Use PACE Central to export a batch of License Codes
  • Upload your list of License Codes to E-Junkie
  • Set up "buy" buttons for your License Codes (at E-Junkie)
  • Add the buy buttons to your website

  • Visit E-Junkie

Modular Merchant is a fully hosted e-commerce system that will provide you with an entire website and shopping cart solution to sell and distribute License Codes. This is best suited to companies who require an entire e-commerce solution from one provider (hosting, website, email, shopping cart.)

Modular Merchant includes:
  • A fully managed, hosted web-solution with website and shopping cart
  • Merchant account integration
  • Secure, automated distribution and sales of License Codes
  • Toll-free, online, and email customer support
  • $99 to setup, and monthly fees starting at $60 per month

  • Visit Modular Merchant